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To keep pace with the ever changing requirements of the customers, we have installed quality instruments with the state of the art technology and adapting advanced technology in our Quality Control Lab.

  • Quality assurance laboratories for raw material and finished products.

  • Specially developed quality control software.

  • Temperature control rooms for sample preservation.

  • Mac Beth CE-3100 Spectrophotometer.


  • HTHP Machine.

  • Laboratory Steamer.

  • Sublimation fastness tester.
  • Leather dyeing machine.

  • Roaches machines for the measurement of dedusting.

  • Dyeing machines for exhaust and pad dyeing.

  • Infra-Red dyeing machine for low liquor ratio dyeing.

  • Color matching booth and sieve analysis.
  • Light fastness, washing fastness and rubbing fastness equipments.