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About Us

Demonstrating high entrepreneurial spirit of modern age, ADPL is one of the leading Dye color manufacturers in India. Founded in 1991, the company has since thrived into a booming business and Color Manufacturers, accepting every change in the business scenario and taking the preferences of each individual buyer with aplomb. The company strives to encompass product with modern technology to provide differentiated products to different buyers in accordance with their preferences and strict quality maintenance and safety standards of Dyes used. ADPL owns a team of high-calibre employees & machinery that help us to share our values & our drive to provide the best quality product at genuine prices. The company purges keen attention to our customers, in understanding & appreciating their needs & meeting their needs in time with efficiency & accuracy.

ADPL also owns private transport facilities that help us deliver our products and commitments on time. ADPL has always ensured the timely performance and delivery .
The successful customer relationship is our drive and the foundation of our purpose to "be loved and trusted by the people we deal with" .

ADPL has strong work commitments, ethics , quality and performance efficiency. We care for basics of a garment and entail economic ways of achieving perfection for you.