Why do this? Why create? Why pursue excellence?

Why do this?

I’m a nihilist. I don’t believe there’s any externally given meaning to our lives. Some people find the lack of an authority like God depressing, but I find it liberating. Devoid of any external guidance, humans truly have limitless potential and can do amazing things. There’s no one to say: ‘hey, that’s not allowed’. Whatever Physics doesn’t forbid is doable.

For me, what gets me up from bed every morning is to create things than nobody else has thought of before.

Why create?

Even though lives are meaningless, humans are cosmically significant. The knowledge and technology we create will eventually impact universe at a large scale. Say humans of future will be able to prevent sun from burning out or they’ll fly out to other stars. Humanity can exist indefinitely and can spread to the entire universe. It’s amazing to know that human creations can have an impact that would spans galaxies; and all acts of human creations – large or small – contribute to that human potential.

Why pursue excellence

Too many people are following societal rules and living their life on an auto pilot. Life is too short for mediocrity.

Entrepreneurs, scientists and artists are the ones who say – fuck it, I’m bored, I’m making my own rules. And it is only through that creative drive that those people end up improving other people’s lives.

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