PyPond: A digital life simulator in Python

Today, I am releasing PyPond which I made as my final year project. PyPond is a digital life simulator in Python inspired from Nanopond

Download: Normal version or With graphics version (requires PyGame library)

5 thoughts on “PyPond: A digital life simulator in Python”

  1. Friendly correction:

    in the pygame-enabled version, you are still initializing your game class with “visual=False”, but it needs to be “visual=True”.

    I don’t really know what’s going on but it looks cool, congratulations. I made a kind of weird quasi-life-simulation that was also a final project for an AI/AL class:

    It’s not about little microbes or anything, it’s about Space Pirates, grog, and finding mateys to fight alongside you.

  2. Hi Kenny,

    Thanks for pointing out! Corrected this in the source code now.

    And your game too really impresses. For such a small footprint, it surely is quite interesting.


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